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By special arrangement, one of Ohio’s up and coming rock bands Highland Rose have formed a special band for the Space Coast Oktoberfest called “Kummerspeck”, who will travel to Brevard to perform great German and Polka music every day and night of the Space Coast Oktoberfest.

By special arrangement with the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra, a special 5-piece troupe from the orchestra will also perform on the two Saturdays of the festival – October 7 and 14 from 6 pm  – 7 pm, and from  7:30 – 8:30 p.m.​ Ein Prosit!


Highland Rose

Formed in New Castle, PA in January of 2014, Highland Rose has spent every day since honing and perfecting their craft. Tracing it’s origins to three young men in a basement with a desire to make something of their musical abilities, the band quickly took to the local and regional scene and, along the way, have created a constantly evolving powerhouse of hard rock influence, high energy performance, and a band with unrivaled love and passion for what they do. Having shared the stage with acts such as Mr. Big, Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, Jackyl, Art of Dying, and Angel Vivaldi, the band is hungrier than ever to show audiences and stages all over the world why they have won the adoration of fans and fellow musicians alike. Learn More

Space Coast Symphony Orchestra

Under the vision and leadership of Aaron Collins, the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra reflects all that makes Central Florida special—its creativity, spirit, beauty and quest for knowledge. The SCSO is an emerging player on our cultural landscape with a unique mission: to make professional classical music affordable and accessible to people of all ages.  In an economic environment where many orchestras would fail, we are able to tell the SCSO success story:  While providing more concerts than any other musical organization in Florida, the SCSO has launched bold initiatives and innovative programming that are gaining national attention.

The Space Coast Symphony Orchestra is reinventing the concept of a 21st-century orchestra by presenting the widest array of programming of any orchestra in Florida.  Our focus is on creating programming that is balanced, accessible, innovative, and artistically expansive. Successfully growing our audience begins with what we bring to the stage, and continues with the ability to market and promote the Space and Treasure Coasts as cultural destinations. In any SCSO season, the audience can expect the best of what makes the SCSO a unique force in our community: the organization’s tradition of innovative programming, high-quality dynamic symphonic performances, active community engagement and commitment to arts education.

German songs will be played from this list of favorites by the FESTSPEILE FIVE:

  1. Ein Prosit
  2. Beer Barrel Polka
  3. Chicken Dance
  4. Clarinet Polka
  5. Edelweiss
  6. In Heaven There is No Beer
  7. Pennsylvania Polka
  8. Jetzt gehts los! (They’re Off)
  9. Um die Ecke rum (Around the Corner)
  10. Nacht Leben (Night Life)
  11. Bier her, Bier her! (Come on with the Beer!)
  12. Lustig un zufrieden (Happy and Content)
  13. Ein Rundgesang (Song Going Round)
  14. Wir sind die Sanger vom Schwartzwalde (The Singers)
  15. Student auf einer Reis’ (The Student Traveler)
  16. Hi-le-Hi-lo
  17. Kommt ein Vogel geflogen (Love’s Message)
  18. Die Lorelei (Lorely)
  19. Grad aus dem Wirtshaus (Stewed and Pickled)
  20. Auf, singet und trinket (Sing and Drink)
  21. Lauterbach
  22. Trink mer noch a Tropfche (Have Another Drink)
  23. Im tiefen Keller sitz ich hier (In the Deep Wine Cellar)

   Die Wacht am Rhein (The Watch on the Rhine)

  1. Gruss an Schleswig-Holstein
  2. Ach ich bin so Mude
  3. Hamburger Waltz
  1. Der Harmony Schottisch
  2. Kutchke Polka
  3. Der Lustige Musikant
  4. Schuhplattler Tanze
  1. Fingertanz / Es Lebe Die Gemuethlichkeit / Herr Schmidt
  2. Lott ist Todt / Jup Hei De-Jup Hei Da / Du Bist Verruckt, Mein Kind
  3. Hortensie
  4. Jagermarsch
  5. Tyroler Walzer
  6.  Gruss aus Minneapolis Polka /Katarina Polka 37. Der Melody Schottisch

   38. Warum so Schnell?
39. In Der Heimat Da Gibt’s Ein Wiedersehn

  40. The Entertainer
41. Maple Leaf Rag
42. The Strenuous Life
43. The Nonpareil
44. The Crush Collision March
45. Lily Queen
46. Heliotrope Bouquet
47. Sensation
48. Reindeer Rag
49. Excelsior Rag
50. Ethiopia Rag
51. When Your Hair is Like the Snow 52. Cataract Rag
53. Big Horn Breakdown
54. Hotfoot Hamfat
55. Black Swan Rag
56. Cuckoo Waltz
57. The Dove Polka
58. Elsa Polka
59. Havriska Polka
60. Virgia Polka


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